Internet Access Workshop-II: Use of the Internet Information in Land Administration work

  • Date

16/09/2000, Saturday

  • Time

14:30 hr.- 17:30 hr.

  • Venue

UNiSOFT Education Centre, Tin Hau Service Centre, Park Towers, Tower I, No.1, King's Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. (adjoining Tin Hau MTR station, opposite Queen's College, please see plan attached)

  • Fee

$HK 100. - (including 20 PC facilities.)

  • Speaker

Sze Pak Ling/ Peter Kwok

  • Coordinator

Joseph Lo

  • Language

cantonese + English

  • Maximum Admission

20 - on one for one PC basis


HKILA members who have:

  1. attended the Part I of the captioned Workshop;
  2. personal computer with Internet established at home; and
  3. interest in working with PC.

Objective: This workshop is intended to share some the HKILA members' useful and pratical experience in their attempts in making use of the WWW information in their daily land administration works.

Course Outline: The following topics will be demonstrated and discussed with practical exercises:

  1. Visit to selected relevant WWW Links: to get acquaint with the land-related WWW. Selected individual web sites would be visited;
  2. Searching: to find and process information from the land-related WWW which has a number of search engines, for example, like the Homepage of the HKSAR Government and other local search engines that can help you;
  3. Download and Processing of Information: to use Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and Word software in processing and compilation of papers and reports; and
  4. Databank: to build up a databank for your own use.