Internet Access Workshop-
How to enhance your capability in Land Administration work through the use of the World Wide Web (WWW)?

1. Date:15/04/2000, Saturday
2. Time:16:00 hr.- 19:00 hr.
3. Venue:Computer Laboratory, 8/F., The Scout Association of Hong Kong, No.8, Austin Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.
4. Fee:HK$100 per person
5. Speaker:Sze Pak Ling/ Peter Kwok
6. Coordinator:Tse Kwok Hing (93123532)
7. Language:Cantonese + English
8. Maximum  Admission:20 ( one PC for each attendee )


HKILA members who have:

  1. personal computer with Internet established at home; and
  2. interest in working with PC.

Objective: This workshop is intended to share some of the HKILA members' useful experience in making use of the WWW in their daily work. As information is processed to enable people to make decisions, both the private sector and the Government have to measure up with the high speed of information technology development. To face up to the impacts on the quality of service, the demand for IT in Land Administration work is also increasing rapidly.

Course Outline: The following topics will be demonstrated and discussed with practical exercises:

I. Elementary Computer Know-how:

  1. Basic Set-Up of a useful computer office;
  2. Introduction to Internet Access; and
  3. Construction of a web site and maintenance.

II. Information Through Application of Internet Access:

  1. WWW Links: to search new information and learn new skills and knowledge from the WWW. Most homepages have useful hot links to other related sites.
  2. Searching: to find what you want from the WWW which has a number of search engines, for example Infoseek, Yahoo, Alta Vista that can help you.
  3. Communication (send email): You can also send email to the person that you would like to contact by double clicking the email address in the homepage.
  4. Database Search: Some homepages enable you to get information by searching through their database.
  5. Download Files: Some homepages enable you to download software and files.
  6. Self-Learning: learn through the WWW and build up a databank for your own use.
  7. Mapping: to do interactive mapping on the WWW.