A 3-Days Visit to Guangzhou has been arranged with China News Agency for the HKILA Members meeting and visiting the Planning, Building and Lands Authorities of Zhuhai and Guangzhou. The Members will also visit the Building Department of the South China Technical Institute and some scenic places of the two cities. A lunch party will be arranged and hosted by the Officials of the Hong Kong and Macao Office at Guangzhou.

Charges per person = $1,130 (tips not yet included)

The itinerary is as follows:-

11.3.99      	 8.45 a.m.  	China Hong Kong City Pier,                 
(Thu)				Tsimshatsui.Arriving at Zhong Shan,
				then visiting Dr. Sun's Home and
				Public Gardens.
		12.00 Noon   	Lunch at Zhong Shan
	 	 2.00 p.m.   	Visiting the Planning Authority at
				Zhuhai then touring inside Yuen
				Ming New Garden.
	  	 8.00 p.m.   	Visiting The 'Pearl of the Orient'
				and staying at Zhuhai after dinner.

12.3.99      	 8.00 a.m.   	After breakfast, heading Guangzhou
(Fri)				and visiting the Planning or the
				Designing Authority.			
	 	 2.00 p.m.    	We'll be meeting the Lands
				Authority after lunch and visiting
				the South China Technical 
	  	 8.00 p.m.  	After dinner, a night tour in 

13.3.99      	 8.00 a.m.    	After breakfast, we'll visit the 
(Sat)				Yuntoi Gardens.
		12.00 noon   	Having lunch with the Guangzhou 
	  	 2.00 p.m.   	Visiting Chan's Library.    
	  	 4.45 p.m.   	Leaving Guangzhou by bus direct
				to H.K.

Reserve for Participation

All HKILA members are cordially invited to join the visit. We warmly appeal to them for their taking up of the phone and contact our Secretaries on the lines/numbers as listed below. In order to enable our secretaries rendering good service, please call them up now or in any event not later than 4.3.1999 (Thursday):-

1.	Mr. Edward CHENG  		Tel. No. 2652 7608
2.	Mr. Joe NG			Tel. No. 2683 9193
3.	Mr. Philip FUNG			Tel. No. 2443 3134