1. This Code is meant to ensure the professional competence and integrity of all members in providing their services to the client or the general public.

  2. Members should devote their utmost effort to become competent by qualification and experience to perform services which they are appointed to take. Furthermore, they have to constantly update and upgrade themselves in new developments, law and technologies to cope with the changing demand, practice and procedures, and Government policies.

  3. Members have a duty to contribute towards the improvement of professional standards and the training of their staff as well as any other people interested in the profession through career development, lectures or running courses, etc.

  4. Members shall endeavour to co-operate with other professionals, disciplines and individuals so as to achieve optimum results in respect of their tasks and assignments.

  5. Members should not take part in any business, malpractice or any act of misbehavior which may cause an adverse effect on or damage to the public image and reputation of the Institute.

  6. Members should not get involved in any suspected or known illegal dealings especially in connection with their profession or duties. They have the obligation to uphold justice in land administration and in providing their professional services.

  7. In the event of any controversies occurred between members of the Institute, they should be settled either between themselves or by the respective Committees of the Council, or the full Council of the Institute without involving any non-member third party, outside bodies or the public media to safeguard the professional reputation of the Institute.

  8. Members should not publicly criticize their fellow members of the Institute without the explicit consent given and in a manner approved by the Chairman in Council Meeting.

  9. No member shall injure falsely or maliciously, directly or indirectly, the reputation, prospects or business of other members.

  10. Any member charged under the prevailing laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) in connection with his/her professional activities or duties whether or not involving the Institute shall report the occurrence forthwith to the Institute.

  11. Members must disclose to their employers or clients any personal or conflicting interest involved in the course of performing their duties or assignment. This also covers any benefit gained from a third party even not in breach of their professional responsibilities. If they are acting for their company, then any conflicting interest with other client(s) shall be disclosed to the client.

  12. Members must protect the privacy of any data provided by or belonging to their clients for the sake of professional integrity as well as compliance with the relevant legislation of the HKSAR.


  1. This "Code of Ethics" is not a by-law created under the Articles of the Institute though suspected or substantiated violation of any one or more of the above stipulations except Nos. 1 to 4 may give cause to disciplinary proceeding in accordance with the Regulations made by the Council pursuant to Article 57 of the Articles of the Institute.

  2. Within the context of this "Code of Ethics", the Institute wherever mentioned means The Hong Kong Institute of Land Administration, and member or members would mean a person or persons holding a valid membership of the aforementioned Institute.