Calendar of Events for 2003

9.1.20031st Council Meeting and Election of office bearers ( Notes of Meetng )
13.3.20032nd Council Meeting ( Notes of Meeting )
15.5.20033rd Council Meeting ( Notes of Meeting )
6.2003香港土地行政學會、香港管理協會合辦:土地行政證書課程 Certificate Programme on Land Administration jointly organized by HKMA & HKILA
10.7.20034th Council Meeting ( Notes of Meeting )
30.7.2003HALF-DAY SEMINAR on Modernisation of Land Administration in Hong Kong by Mr.Peter Kwok ; co-sponsored by the Training Division of Lands Department (LD) of HKSAR
30.8.2003HALF-DAY SEMINAR on Modernisation of Land Administration in Hong Kong by Mr. Peter Kwok and other topics by Mr Denys Kwan ; co-sponsored by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong(DAB)
18.9.20035th Council Meeting ( Notes of Meeting )
10.10.2003The presentation of Certificates to students in Lands Department at its Headquarters and meeting with the Director of Lands and Senior Principal Land Executive. Subjects discussed included an introduction of the Institute and the Modernisation of Land Administration.
17.10.2003Submission on the Public Consultation on Review of the Nature Conservation Policy to The Environment, Transport and Works Bureau by Mr Peter Kwok.
13.11.20036th Council Meeting ( Notes of Meeting )
18.11.2003Meeting with ESRI CHINA (HK) LTD at CYBERPORT to explore possible common areas for promoting the technical and human resource development of a Land Information System.
10.12.2003Public Presentation On The Draft 2004 Digital 21 Strategy" to The Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau of HKSAR by Mr. Peter Kwok
19.12.2003Annual General Meeting
20.12.2003 Presentation on the pressing need for the Modernisation of the HK Land Administration System to achieve Sustainable Development by Peter Kwok at the Public Forum of the Stage Three Public Consultation of the Hong Kong 2030: Planning Vision and Strategy held in the Auditorium of the Planning Department